Any Updates to the Website?

Hey Southpaw,

I was curious if any of my suggestions were heard and any changes made? You said you would reply to me if there were.

Hi @jerryc.lkfitd,

Thanks for your feedback.

I see that you find it confusing that our website states “no contracts ever” but our annual plan feels like a contract to you since it does not allow refunds.

I’ve asked the team responsible for the website to consider your comments. If they make a decision to change the website, I’ll be sure to let you know by reply here.

Until then, since all involved seem to agree that there’s nothing new being added to this conversation, I’m closing it.


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I believe you received an answer at Republic's No Contracts claim is false advertisement.

Some changes were made on the website in response to your suggestions. I recognize that you wanted more changes, however, the team responsible for the website makes the ultimate decision there. As we are able to offer members month-to-month service without requiring them to enter a contract, they are not in agreement with your assessment.


Yes I believe that change was made before the topic was closed. I was merely asking if there have been changes since and can’t post in a closed topic. Thank you for your help.

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All the instances of “no contracts” on the domain can be found through this google search: It appears there are still plenty of instances where Republic Wireless uses the statement "no contracts.

I do not see any instances of “No Contracts Ever” which is what my post is about. Can you help me find those?

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That only provides a link to my original post. So would it be safe to say that Republic has removed all use of the “No Contracts Ever” claim?

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As far as I can tell.

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By the way, thanks for teaching me that website search trick. Not sure if I’ll ever use it again, but if I ever need to it will be a huge time saver.

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That’s good to know. I guess Southpaw forgot to notify me which is understandable.

I have a question about the Annual Payment Option that is not meant to stir up any problems. Republic no longer claims " No Contracts Ever" and has an asterisk that clearly states that it is non-refundable so I have no issues.

Do I need to start a new topic or chat with customer service or what?

There’s a helpful list of ways to refine searches at

You’ve already got this thread going, so why not ask here?

If a customer signs up for the Annual Payment Option and then begins to experience a considerable decline in service quality, what is the refund policy?

I would assume you will receive no refund unless you are within the 14 day return period.

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So the service quality could decline and Republic would make no exceptions?

That’s what I would assume.

Does Republic have the ability to look at a customers call/text logs or anything like that to verify that a customer is legitimately experiencing service issues?

I would assume they have the ability to troubleshoot service issues. I would also assume you won’t be refunded for service issues outside the 14 day return period.

So let’s assume I’m a potential new customer and I tell Republic:

  1. This is my Zipcode.
  2. This is my phone and the condition its in.
  3. This is the type of usage I need.
  4. This is the quality of voice service I need.

They could tell me if they are able to fulfill those needs and I should reasonably expect those needs to be fulfilled within whatever time period I pay for or no they wouldn’t be able to?

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