Any Warranties?


Do the phones come with any kind of warranty? I’m assuming they don’t but I figured I’d check to make sure. I have to hold my charger in place while charging because something came loose inside the phone. I know it’s the phone because I’ve tried other chargers.


Hi @nathank.vbmnri!

Where did you buy your phone, how long ago, and did you buy it new?


AFIK, all phones are warranted by the manufacture for 1 year, and some users have found that their Credit Card provided an additional year on top of that. Here is the Help Doc on the subject
How Long Is the Manufacturer Warranty? – Republic Help


All new phones sold by Republic come with whatever warranty the phone manufacturer offers. For all phones other than the Alcatel A30, this is a one year warranty.


I bought it from the Republic Wireless site. About 10 months ago.


Then, the phone should still be under warranty. Warranty issues are usually handled by the manufacturer. What make/model of phone do you have?


How do I submit a claim?


What Make and Model of phone do you have?


Motorola G4 Plus


You might try: []


I believe it has been over a year since the G4+ was available new. Any chance the phone was purchased in one of the refurbished phone sales?

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