Any way for another program to grab the Messages from Anywhere



I have a need to save SMS for archival purposes and Anywhere looks like a really good place to stand in order to be able to programmatically grab the messages sent and received and file them away somewhere for archival purposes. A near-perfect solution for me would be to have an IMAP feed that would deliver the messages in folders, where each folder is a conversation. I could integrate this into my existing servers and automatically do all I need.

I’m currently running the Linux BETA and while monitoring the activity it looks like there might be a place to get that data locally if an IMAP mechanism didn’t exist on Republic’s cloud. Ideally this would produce realtime results, with notifications arriving when new inbound and outbound messages are produced. Does anyone know of a way to a solution here that doesn’t involve a third-party app on the phone? I’m quite familiar with Linux as a development platform and am not above writing a bunch of code to accomplish this (and perfectly willing to share if asked.)

If this has been asked and answered before, my apologies. I only recently signed up to this forum and my search turned up nothing useful.



While Anywhere connects works directly in the Republic cloud (servers), Anywhere is proprietary / doesn’t have an open API for developer connections by third party apps now.

The easiest way to obtain a backup of SMS may still be to get the export direct off the phone which you mentioned.


I understand why an cloud-accessed API might be difficult from some (signifiant) security standpoints. I watched the Anywhere signon process (from network messages) and can see it is apparently doing some fairly robust credential negotiation. (FYI, I test most all new (closed source) applications this way before I unleash them on my Linux desktop.) However, my needs would be easily met by having a local api to the running application (should be a cleaner security model since it would only be dealing with ‘authentication’ to an already-authenticated application.) I would simply run the Anywhere application on one of my (headless) servers and have a companion application of my own that would mine the data that I need for archiving. It appears the current application is already using DBUS for some purposes (although it may be simply a byproduct of the GUI machinations and not actually native to the app) but in any case DBUS is a pretty simply remote-procedure-call API for doing what I need. I encourage Republic to open up something like this to facilitate external access to the Anywhere application. For what it’s worth, adding DBUS to an existing GUI app, such as the Linux Anywhere app, is a really trivial process, mechanically. The GUI already supports basic DBUS control and adding some additional message handlers is all that is generally required. Sorry to non-Linux folks out there: I realize this is not a Linux-specific forum.

As I said before, I would be happy to contribute suggestions and/or actual code to help achieve this - especially with respect to the companion App.


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