Any way to downgrade from Android 7 to 5?

Well I searched and couldn’t find an answer. I apologize if it has been answered.

I have a Moto G4 and it has Android 7 on it. The speech-to-text capabilities are total ■■■■. I have to talk in a slow monotone voice like a robot to get it to transcribe what I’m saying even remotely correctly. And if there’s literally ANY other noise going on in the room no matter how faint, then forget it. You get a total mishmash of word salad gibberish.

Having to proofread and correct every ■■■■ message before sending it makes the whole idea of speech-to-text moot. I never had that problem with Android 5 on my G3. It worked almost flawlessly with only very rarely giving me an error.

Is it possible to downgrade to Android 5? Or am I stuck with a borked speech-to-text app that doesn’t work worth a tinker’s ■■■■?

No. Android 5 was never available for the Moto G4.

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The Moto G4 originally shipped with Android 6.0.1. You may be able to do a factory reset to go back to that version. Going back down to Android 5 is not possible.

Could you try it in safe mode to see if it’s any better?

Unfortunately, the Android build is the one thing a factory reset will not change. The only ways to change the Android build are to update when an update is available, and to flash the phone, and flashing the phone is not supported by Republic Wireless.

But I definitely agree with looking at other things, like testing in safe mode @theresar. The Community will be glad to troubleshoot the actual issue, since there is a chance that the Android build is not the ultimate cause.


What a drag. Just bought this phone a few months back and I don’t have the money to dump on a newer one. I have Sasquatch fingers and touch texting is all but impossible for me. I guess I’m stuck with it then.

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