Any way to find a lost Moto E4 with Do Not Disturb turned on

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Lost cell phone on home property. Do Not Disturb is turned on. Tried dialing it and no answering ring.

Try ‘Find my phone’
From PC this will give you the opportunity to enable ringing for 5 minutes. I tested it on my Moto X4. both with/without DND


I’ve tried that several times. But I’m trying to find daughter’s phone. I cannot find any place to change from my phone number to hers. I tried And it says to change the number at top of page, but there is no such choice. Thanks for the reply

You will probably need to sign in to your daughters Google Account. As a security measure that would seem to be a prime requirement
See which may help you


@jamesw.1v9was Are you still needing help with this? @jben is correct in that only the Google account that is logged in on the phone can use the find my phone feature. You’d need to login to the find page using her Google account.

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