Any way to find whether your Republic carrier is GSM or CDMA?

A friend recently signed on with RW and had his Moto E4 shipped to me for setup since he isn’t very handy with such things. I understand RW isn’t ready with CDMA for the E4, but I see the Voicemail number is apparently a Sprint number (actual numbers won’t show on messages). The Voicemail number on my GSM Moto X Pure is T-Mobile. Is there any sure way of finding whether my friend’s RW E4 is GSM or CDMA?

Hi @larc919,

There’s no possible way currently for your friendss Moto E4 to be activated with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint). It’s GSM.

I’m curious as to how you concluded the voicemail numbers were either Sprint or belonged to Republic’s GSM partner? Like our Republic numbers, my understanding is that they’re numbers. Republic’s voicemail is separate from either of its cellular network partners.


Here’s the report for the carrier associated with the voicemail number for my Moto E4 Plus:

03 PM

Searching the respective numbers shows which company each is assigned to. 805-637-xxxx is T-Mobile and 214-664-xxxx is Sprint.

Where are you searching? The 805-637 exchange is indeed owned by T-Mobile, however, with number porting not every number within that exchange is necessarily with T-Mobile. Additionally, the 214-664 exchange is definitively not owned by Sprint and Bandwidth owns the numbers at 214-664-9xxx.

The voicemail number on both my GSM activated Moto E4+ and CDMA activated Moto X Pure is 214_664_9147, which as evidenced in my previous post is a number.

Then that settles it. But for some reason, the Voicemail number on my Moto X Pure shows as 805-637-xxxx. :confused:

I’m curious where you see the 805 number on your Moto X Pure. I’m also curious if you’d be willing the share the last four digits of that number. Republic’s voicemail numbers aren’t unique to individual users, so you won’t be compromising your privacy by doing so. If I remember correctly, Republic uses three different voicemail numbers but can’t remember what they are.

The last 4 numbers are 7456. I’m getting the number by looking in the phone app > 3 dots > Settings > Calls > Voicemail > Setup.

For what it’s worth on Free Carrier Look-up

Phone Number: 	1 8 05 6 37 7456
Carrier: 	T-Mobile
Is Wireless: 	y
SMS Gateway Address:
MMS Gateway Address:

My MXP which is also GSM provisioned uses this number as default for Voicemail

That number is indeed a T-Mobile number out of Santa Barbara:

52 PM

Dialing the number direct does go to someone’s (presumably TMO’s) voicemail system, however, I can think of no reason your voicemail should be going to a T-Mobile number. Republic does not use the voicemail systems of its respective cellular partners. Are you noticing any issues with folks leaving voicemail?

Thanks. Relieved to know I’m not the only one.

No problems at all with Voicemail. Of course, I never use the “1” on my phone to access it, which I suspect this setting controls.

Indeed the number listed is the number that’s supposed to be accessed when dialing 1. Like you, I rarely dial into voicemail preferring to view locally on the phone itself. I’ve checked another household Republic phone on GSM. It’s using the Bandwidth 214 number. So far, I don’t have an explanation for the number on your phone.

I could change it on my Pure, but there could be a reason it’s set up that way rather than an error. So I’m hesitant to change it, especially since I never dial 1 for Voicemail.

I wouldn’t change it manually. I was considering suggesting a VoIP reset but am a big believer in if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

This just gets more weird. 805_637_7456 is indeed one of three legitimate Republic voicemail numbers. I found the numbers documented here: Voicemail (KitKat 4.4.4) – Republic Help. Obviously, no KitKat phones work with Republic’s GSM cellular network partner. Yet every public resource (and the one private one available to me) suggest 805_637_7456 is a number that belongs to that GSM network partner.

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