Anybody using a Moto Z2 Play on RW yet?


Curious which model works. I ordered a Moto Z Play, but was mistakenly sent a Z2 Play instead. The seller thinks it will work with RW. It is model XT1710-02. It’s intended for Verizon and even came with a Verizon SIM, but the SIM can be easily removed and replaced if the phone will work on RW.


Hi @larc919,

The Moto Z2 Play is indeed supported for bring your own phone, however, Republic’s announcement suggests model XT1710-01 is required. More here: Bring Your Own Moto Z² Play to Republic Wireless.


from the BYOD SIM order process it needs to be the XT-1710-01

Note Republic only supports North American Factory unlocked version and not carrier version (even if they are unlocked)


Thanks @rolandh and @drm186. I had checked the list of compatible RW phones, but there is no model number shown beside Moto Z2 Play. I’ll just return the phone I got. That was a surprise. The included invoice shows Z Play, but the phone is a Verizon Z2 Play. Stock numbers agree, though. I ordered from Ezee Electronics through Amazon.


I’m about to have a Moto Z2 Play on RW soon… and now have confirmed that it is the XT1710-01 build, which is whats required of course… I should know for sure by next week or this weekend
i’m excited to be getting it when it arrives
I ordered mine Directly through Motorola ( Lenovo ) and got $100 off on it too when I ordered it


i’ve been using my new Moto Z2 Play on RW4.0 … there have been some bugs along the way … but they get worked out eventually…
One particular Annoying bug with the App / SIM ive noticed with the Moto Z2 has been the ARCH not always refreshing solid when auto-connecting to Wi-Fi’s… The connection always has to be manually refreshed ( either turning the wireless off and back on again … or by switching Wireless accounts and back on to the one you want to use … this need to be fixed ASAP … so Annoying


I bought a Moto Z2 Play (XT1710-02) two weeks ago and put a RW SIM card in it. It did not work. Tech support confirmed what I can confirm: the -02 Moto Z2 Play does not work on RW.

Was hoping to save serious money by switching to RW, but no.


Hi @davidb.ksxyy2,

The XT1710-02 variant of the Moto Z2 Play is Verizon specific. Republic does support the North American factory unlocked Moto Z2 Play designated model XT-1710-01. More on finding Republic compatible variants courtesy of fellow member @louisdi here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


just for reference the XT-1710-01 works find on Republic (it the phone I currently using)
as for the XT-1710-02 as @rolandh states it’s the Verizon brand version and Republic does not support any carrier branded version of any of their supported phones, only the North American (or US) regional Factory Unlocked


Mine should be unlocked. Regardless, if it does not work, who cares why.


it does not matter if the carrier version is unlocked by the carrier or third party, this does not make it factory unlocked, carrier version may have changes to the OS (both in add apps and in features disabled in the core OS) as Republic is a hybrid VOIP with cell backup they need thing to be there and need to be able to work with the OEM if an update breaks something they are using and they would have no ability to do this with a carrier version this is the reason only the Model numbers in the supported phones list are compatible