Anyone else have a muted microphone on Moto Play?

It just stopped working all of a sudden and came up with a crash screen at one point and I just restarted. I already tried wiping the cache and had no luck.

Hi @christopherf.behubu,

Some initial troubleshooting steps would be:

Make sure any case and screen protector are not covering any of the microphones.

Make sure the phone is not paired to any Bluetooth device.

Clear the cache - this will not delete any of your personal content.

If the issue persists, please try booting the phone into Safe Mode and test your microphone. If the microphone works in Safe Mode, then an app conflict is causing the issue.

Additionally Motorola has provided a series of Test available in the ‘Fix’ section of the Moto Help (?) app which is available on all the Moto devices (in the App drawer it’s a big blue ?). This will allow testing the mic function via a different code path and may help narrow the problem down

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