Anyone else using Hangouts app with a Google Voice number?

I’m using a Google Voice number as my main number on my Republic Wireless phone (a 2nd gen Moto X), and I use the most recent version of Hangouts as my default SMS app. This has never happened before, but in the past week or two, I’ve had several instances where a friend sent a SMS message to my Google Voice number and it showed as successfully sent on their phone, but I never received it. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @benh.qlo5ck,

Others are sharing your experience. It’s a Google not Republic issue. Please see here: Google Groups.

Thank you so much for this helpful response! I had done some Google searches, but hadn’t been able to find others reporting this–Google posted in the thread you linked to, saying that the issue should now be resolved, so fingers crossed that I won’t be missing any more text messages!

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