Anyone get the phone?

Whoever was lucky enough to get the deal on the Ascend with the 6 months of free service: will you please give the details on how you got lucky so that I can learn what to do in the future with similar circumstances. Thank you!

see comments here Ascend Alive

and here Not cool, Republic. (Feedback about the Ascend 5W promotion).

I believe the OP is looking to read from the handful of people who actually DID get the phone – not the complaints from the mountain of folks who didn’t. Oh, and the “Ascend Alive” thread was locked, too - maybe they don’t want anybody to know how few people actually got one?

I’m curious how awesome the phone is… i am waiting on the two z’s I ordered

It was actually pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Watched Monday Night Football game. Ravens kept it interesting enough that I didn’t turn it off early. Pats won anyway. Yay!
Step 2: Realized it was practically midnight. Waited a few minutes, rather than go right to bed.
Step 3: At 12:03am, went online and ordered phone. Took maybe 3 minutes, start to finish.
Step 4: Woke up Tuesday morning and find out just how lucky I was to have been awake at midnight.

They obviously knew it was going to be a popular deal, but they totally underestimated how much press they were going to get leading up to it and how much that would amplify the demand. I highly doubt there was any deliberate baiting-and-switching, as some disappointed customers allege, but I think we can all agree there was some poor planning at least. If course, that’s easy for me to say, since I got in on the deal before it sold out.

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