Anyone have any feedback on the Samsung galaxy S8?


I am looking for any feedback from people who are using the Samsung Galaxy S8. My specific question to those who are using it is it worth the higher price for the phone? I really like my Motorola Moto X pure and motorola in general. The Moto X4 seems nice as well and its cost is about the same as what I paid for my moto x pure. Thank you in advance for the feedback.


I have one that I use as my daily driver. I love it. I’ve never been a big Samsung fan but the hardware on the phone is top notch (gorgeous screen, solid build) and the “Samsung Experience” on the new versions actually adds to the Android experience without much in the way of bloat. I like the X4 too except for the bezels. After using the S8 for a while the bezel becomes really challenging to live with. I tried a Moto Z2 for a while, but couldn’t get used to the bezels.


So do you justify the paying more for the S8 than the Moto x4 for the lack of bezels or is the hardware on the S8 that much better than the x4? I’ve never had issues with Motorola phones, but I base my thoughts on Samsung about not needing two of everything on my phone. So basically I want a great phone whether x4 or S8. Thank you for you feedback.


The S8 provides me a 5.5" screen in a phone body that is about the same size as the X4 which has only a 5.2" screen. I vastly prefer the AMOLED screen of the S8 versus the LCD screen of the X4. Those are the visible differences. I generally don’t concern myself with internals that much but the 835 with 4GB of RAM is clearly superior to the 630 with 3GB of RAM in the X4. If none of those things matter to you, then yes, you should save your money and purchase the X4 which is a good phone.


How do they both handle surfing the web or using Facebook? Does one bog down more often than the other(understanding the internals are different)? I have to clear a lot of junk/boost my Moto X Pure quite a bit it seems. Thank you again for your feedback.


I can’t comment on the Facebook App as my opinion on it is that it is a resource hogging piece of sophisticated spyware ( and I haven’t had it on my phone. Both will handle surfing the web about the same way.


Understand how you feel. So they do handle surfing the web quite well on an equal footing. The screen on the S8 is better. One more question for you. Do you take a lot of pictures? If you do, is there a noticeable difference between each in quality?

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I do take a lot of pictures and I would say yes, there is a difference. DxOMark rates the S8 an 88, and the X4 an 83. Not a significant difference, but yes, better.


Hmm. So a very tough decision for me. Thank you for your input and giving me good things to think about.

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