Anyone have good/bad luck purchasing a pre-owned phone from RW?


Can it even be done? if so, how? I’m considering getting a Moto G5 Plus…


These phones are commonly known as ‘B’ Stock … program is identified here


I’m looking on their site and it appears they’re out of stock… Wondering if they’ll sell one under those circumstances?


Some of the B Stock have in the past been out of stock, however the key statement in the reference would be

In certain situations, such as if your phone is defective, damaged, lost, or stolen, our Help team may determine that you’re eligible to receive or purchase a certified pre-owned phone as a replacement. So you would have to open a Help Ticket | Republic Wireless and let them review the circumstances/availability


Thank you JBEN!!!

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My original Moto X 1st Gen got locked up on the boot process. RW repalced it with one from this stock back then. It was still working when I replaced it with my Moto X4!

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