Anyone having issues with trying to use your phone number, for services requiring SMS validation?


I guess my sample size of one, Twitter, is not very large. This works for Twitter.


Though it’s a sample size of one as far as service providers are concerned, Twitter’s a pretty big one.


Twitter will now work with the Google Authenticator app. No text messaging needed. I would guess that it is also more secure.


Interesting to know. Not sure if that would have solved problem. Attempting to create a Twitter App, I was told I needed to add my phone number to my profile. But maybe having 2FA set up already, might be a work around.

Disappointed about being made to switch plans to upgrade my phone

Hi rolandh, When I send “help” to 35244 on my Republic phone I get “You will receive text each time prescription orders are ready from Bartell. Msg & Data rates may apply. To opt out, reply STOP. For support call (206) 362-7572”

Unfortunately I still do not get messages from the pharmacy. (And the phone number is also the pharmacy. ) So your “reasonable conclusion” that “the systems involved are capable of communicating with one another” may be true but it doesn’t help.

I have emailed the service provider at without any answer.

When I spoke to Bartell IT Dept they said it was my cell phone company’s fault. When I ask Republic help (4 times in 13 months!) they cannot do anything. I am at the end of my tether.

One last piece of data: the pharmacy also has an option to leave an automated VM with the same info on the SMS. I asked if they could turn on this option but I have yet to receive any VMs either.




About your work around. I do not have a land line. I do have a google voice account from the original issue of GV numbers around the time of the dinosaurs (June 2010).

I will try giving my pharmacy that number. Good idea. Thanks!


Hi @mjob.zvhir8,

When I send a text to 35244, I get, “You replied with help to 35244. Std msg/data rates apply. Send STOP to cancel notifications.”

Notice that it’s somewhat different from the response you are getting:

So to 35244, you and I look very different. Your number is recognized as being in the shortcode system, and that you’ve subscribed to be served by Bartell. My number is not.

That you and I can both send and receive to 35244 - and that 35244’s computer can differentiate between us and knows you are a Bartell customer suggests that this isn’t an issue between RW and the short code service.

When you spoke to Bartell’s IT department and they said it was Republic Wireless’ fault - did they offer any reasons they think that? Any error codes they are seeing, or specific behaviors that indicate the issue is on our end? Did they do any tracing that shows them where the message delivery failed? We have technicians who would be glad to work on solving this, but we need something to go on since the “Help” command between 35244 and RW is working as intended.

You’ve probably already checked, but if you’re getting neither the text messages nor the voicemail, is it possible the number the pharmacy is sending to is wrong?


I sent an email to the short message company and received a reply in one
business day! From a real person!

She said: "Our system does not deliver SMS to VOIP, so it would not be
able to deliver a SMS message to your phone number. "

So that is it. I guess my issue is resolved. I can either leave Republic
and return to Boost et al or not get these messages.

I am talking to her about a couple of possible workarounds which do not
involve my Republic number.

Thanks for all your help!


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