Anyone run into billing issues?


The other day I ordered a new phone and saw the order as pending in my account. Now the order is gone, and after chatting with a support agent they said there was a problem with the billing and the order didn’t go through, however after chatting with a Capital One agent they’ve confirmed the payment posted (as is reflected in my account there).

I have an open ticket for this without any communication thus far, and was wondering if anyone else has run into similar problems? I’ve been directed to dispute the charge if this doesn’t get resolved, but I’d rather not have to go that route.


I’ve not seen this issue before. Orders can disappear due to payment issues, but what that happens I’ve not see the charge actually go through. Have you confirmed with Cap One that the charge is actually “complete” and not just in “pending”. It is quite normal for the charge to show “pending” and then it drops off 72 hours later never having completed.


The payment has posted to my Capital One account and is no longer listed as pending there.


Sorry to hear that, not something I’ve seen. Sorry I can’t be more help.


Hi @cilution,

I’m sorry your ticket sat without response for so long. I checked on it, and it had been assigned to the wrong team. I’ve transferred your ticket to our Billing management team and you will have a reply there in just a few minutes.


Thanks for that. I noticed in the shop that the Moto e5 is coming soon. Any idea how long before that will be available to purchase? Probably worth waiting for that instead of buying the e4.


I will note that the upcoming phone is the Moto E5 Play which is very similar spec to the Moto E4 but is missing the Finger Print reader and the CDMA radios (It will only work on Republic’s GSM partner {T-Mobile})


Hi @cilution,

The problem with “Coming Soon” is that it always depends on various factors, which aren’t always within our control. So every time I cave in and give someone a target date for a “Coming Soon” item, my doing so jinxes the release, the target date gets pushed out, and everyone ends up mad at me.

Please do note that it’s the Moto E5 Play, and the “Play” series is often a trimmed-down version of the other phones in a particular model line, so please be sure to compare the specs carefully. (I see @drm186 also pointed that out as I’m typing.)

If you review the specs and find that it would meet your needs, I’ll be glad to revisit this topic and make sure to update you once it is available.


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