Anyone still have the old Unlimited data for $25/month plan?

I’m still on the old unlimited 3G plan with a RW 1st gen Moto X, but I actually get LTE connectivity for some reason. I almost never go over 1GB/month because most of my cell data usage is using Google Maps for navigation in the car.

My wife started with the same phone+plan, but upgraded to a RW 2nd gen Moto X w/same plan because her 1st gen had WiFi issues. After a while, that phone started suddenly shutting off frequently, so now she’s on a bring-your-own Samsung Galaxy S7 with the new 1GB plan. It’s a much better phone than the Motorola ones, but has speakerphone mic issues. I don’t think she’s gone over 1GB, so it’s worked out fine plan-wise.

Roughly the same as you are paying! Give or take a little in taxes differences.

What is the plan called that you are on? I have been avoiding it so long and thought that I was going to have to cough up a lot more money. I guess would need the new phone though.

There is only one plan for any of the phones since June 2016. You can find it here:

I am on the My Choice talk & text plan + 1GB data = $20 per month plus taxes minus my beta discount. Additional data is $5 per GB add on.
Thank you for the correction @louisdi

So how does that compare to the old school plan, sorry to sound like an idiot, but I’m guessing that the old one is higher GB?

I’m on the old plan

Its actually cheaper for me than the refund plan.

Not sure what you mean by the refund plan…

You’re on the Republic 1.0 Plans

The refund plan was the 2.0 plans, you paid a lot for data but was reimbursed for what you didn’t use.

4.0 (My Choice) is the new plans.

The 25$ 1.0 plan is “unlimited” data at 3G speeds.

On My Choice 25$ gets you 2GB of data at full LTE speeds.

If you use more than 2GB of data per month MyChoice will cost you more. Otherwise you save money.

Ah ok, so maybe better off where I am.

The 25$ 1.0 plan is “unlimited” data at 3G speeds. This is the plan I’m on. + Tax + discount is about $27-28/month with my Moto X 2nd gen

So the current My Choice plan is 25$ for 2GB of data at full LTE speeds. If I only need 1GB I would pay $20 right?

I’ve never needed more than 2GB, usually between 0.5GB to 1.5GB is my usage depending on the month.
So I would be better off upgrading my phone and getting on the My Choice Plan right?

BUT if I go over 2GB I’m better off staying at my current 1.0 plan which is “unlimited” but even if I did needed it 2 times a year, I’m still saving on the My Choice Plan.

My question now is upgrading my phone. What do you all recommend?
I don’t want to go bigger than the Moto X 2nd gen phone (big enough for me).

What is important for me: storage space, my moto x 1st and 2nd gen, I have to delete apps to make more space. Good camera. and maybe better battery life?

Any advice?

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There’s a great chart here, but staying at the X2 size is going to be a challenge: Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Google Pixel is probably an easy choice for all three of those things. For something less expensive Motorola still makes very competitive phones so the new G series is an easy choice, although every new Moto phone is larger than the X2.

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Well I am in the same boat I often get 0GB and never got any discounts or perks for being such a low user despite having 3G only and 5GB (not unlimited) data plan which ends up being almost $33/mo.

Sadly there aren’t many options for me here in terms of phones. And I have been waiting to get a new phone since the Moto X now falls way too short in speed which makes it barely usable (so much I have stopped updating apps) and because like you mentioned I have to keep removing apps and can’t install anything in addition to what I have so that I can alt least keep 1GB or so to be able to take the occasional photo or video which I then have to remove right away or the phone will start complaining it’s running out of space.
I don’t have high requirements and something mid range would do for me but my must are: a decent camera (hard to find), at least 2GB/64GB with 128+GB microSD and an all-day battery (since removable have become increasingly rare thanks to the nonsensical direction the industry as a whole has taken)… with a device with such specs in the $200~250 range I would have already switched since as long as you are on wifi there’d be no worry I’d use more than that and even if you’re using some data while on the go, unless you start binge watching videos on YT or social networks, then you shouldn’t be consuming more than 1GB or 2GB tops using the phone for the sporadic navigation or web browsing.

While I’ve always given Kudos to RW for the great support and expanding the offering it sadly has become more of a hassle to not be able to access decent phones at affordable prices (such as many good ones built by Xiaomi Like Redmi 6 Pro or the Pocophone or the A2 lite et sim some of which can be purchased for less than $200 with 3~4GB RAM and 64GB storage, or less than $400 for models with 4~6 GB RAM and 128GB of storage!)

The current offering limited to either expensive phones (like the S8/S9 or cheap and Meh ones (like those at sub $200 price tag) does not make RW very appetible when it comes to phones

Reportedly that was pinned to hardware and software challenges… but that might have been back when the Moto X was the only alternative and RW had to use the single carrier on which could activate its phones… but since now they are not limited by carrier technology and because those phones come with all the hardware needed for US market (in their “Global” or “International” versions),

Those excuses are harder and harder to believe especially when RW could even have XiaoMi, or similar companies, produce an RW edition line of phones where RW engineers would be selecting hardware to make it 100% compatible with RW tech and carriers. Going such route RW could then create its own offer of RW “[by manufacturer here]” and sell them through its online store.

All RW would need to do (IMHO) would be to select a 4000+ mA battery (even non removable) add fast and wireless charging, use “better than average” camera with great low-light performance (XiaoMi have very good ones, albeit still not “Google Pixel grade”) and then create an offering packaged in 3 models going from entry level with 2GB/32GB 128+GB microSD, mid level 4GB/64GB 128+GB microSD, and flagship 6GB/128GB 256GB microSD priced respectively at sub-$200, sub-$300, sub- $500.

Then with the plans offered and those phones they’d likely become the go to company for anyone who isn’t looking to get an iPhone and who isn’t a cell data guzzler :wink: :grin:

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I still have my old unlimited data plan and use 3-5Gb of data per month. I am not switching to a new plan unless RW offers me $100 extra discount for a new phone purchase. Company loses on me at least $15 per month and while I’m in win / win situation, they don’t learn how to profit on a deal with me. So, if you are satisfied with your phone and its functionality, don’t switch to a new plan unless they offer you a nice extra discount

YES and I LOVE it.
My Plan is the Republic Refund 0.5GB plan.

I have a Moto G3 and my monthly bill is about $13 consistently because I am really careful to use WiFi lots. I have the settings “WiFi only” on many apps that I can wait to use that app.

You can set a data-use warning - I’m sure you knew that.
I have NO intention of getting off my current plan.

I’ve been called CHEAP by some other RW commentators but I don’t care.
I’m 70 years old and going-strong.

Blessings, Jim

Cheap & Frugal are 2 separate definitions. I tend to be frugal until i just have to buy something.

The Moto X4 64GB would be a good choice to replace that X2.

I have the “old” plan and have been paying about $12/month for over 3 years. My Moto X Gen 2 is a great phone with a great camera. I like to keep hardware at least 5 years and make it work longer if possible.

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