Anyone still on the 1.0 plan and thinking of switching?


First of all, I just want to say I think very highly of RW. I’ve have been with them since the very beginning in 2011. I was a huge believer of their business model and quickly signed up and got introduced to my very first smart phone (LG Optimus). Initially, the phone service wasn’t perfect and quite buggy but it greatly improved over time. I eventually ported my phone number over and cancelled my old overpriced ATT plan. I even convinced my colleague to switch and we were both generally satisfied.

I am thinking of switching since my Moto X1 is showing its age. I am also a higher data user. I currently use anywhere from 3-5 gb. I would probably use much more data if my 3G connection wasn’t so slow. I am guessing i would easily reach 10GB with faster data connection. Generally, RW is a good value all-around but in the high data category, there are definitely other solid competitors

I was initially bummed when RW no longer offered new phones for the 1.0 plan but I understood at that price point, it wasn’t sustainable. It is a business. They are in it to make money and I really hope they are here for the long haul. I am though still secretly hoping that RW will somehow make it really competitive for high data plan users in the future.

I am guessing people are on the 1.0 plan since they are high data user or on the $10 plan. So anyone switched or thinking of switching to Cricket, Mintsim, or other? Who knows, maybe i’ll end up staying with RW with the My Choice plan.


I was still on the 1.0 plan (from early 2014 also moved from an AT&T and a dumb feature phone but still had a saving) until 2 months ago when my phone 2nd Gen Moto X battery life was getting to short (about 4 hours of normal use so being tethered to a wall, car, or external battery pack.

My use case is as high as yours (about 2 GB most months) I do feel my choice is competitive in the market (5 GB would be $40 on Republic which is not that bad)

at 4 GB is where some other MVNO start becoming more cost effect (Cricket is $35 for 5 GB with auto pay where Republic is $35 for 4 GB )

MintSim value is in the full year prepay (which is a long time to be locked in IMO)
Cricket is a minor pain to move to from Republic due to their policy of not taking VOIP number

Newer phones are less buggy, most are seeing better of upgrades as they are the OEM unlock (cheap budget phones still don’t seam to be getting updates all that often but flagships are)

My advice is to try the My choice on a newer phone and see what your usage is (most streaming apps can be turn down resolution, I personally don’t stream but download playlist on WiFi and just replay)


Hi @rep246
I have a couple simple questions for you today.

  1. I use .2gb per month usually, how in the heck do you use that much data?
  2. Haven’t you in 6+ years caught onto the Wifi bandwagon?

There’s wifi everywhere I go. If I stream I do it in wifi. If I play music I do it from my downloaded music which takes streaming music out of my equation.


Last month I used 23.8GB. Different strokes for different folks. (Obviously not on Republic).


one of the negative thing about the 1.0 data plans there was very little reason to fully invest in the WiFi bandwagon 5 GB for $25 was a very good deal.

Not everyone’s use case is the same (my work has banned non corporate devices so no WiFi at work, I an the webmaster for a few organization so I need access to my personal email and the ability to upload files to said websites.)


My wife and I were on the 1.0 plan and switched between the $10 and $25 plan for trips, but still very low cell data users.
My daughter had been on the 1.0, $25 plan and pushed or went over 5gb most months. Three months ago she upgraded phones and switched to the My Choice Plan. She has the 1gb recurring data choice because she can add data by the gb for just the current month if needed. Interestingly, she has not used the full 1gb of cell data in the three months. She does some traveling for her job but has found WiFi more available. Some of this probably has to do with her having more reliable internet and equipment at her home, and the availability of Xfinity hot spots.
But, yes, if you need high amounts of WiFi data, republic wireless may not be the best option. Let us know how this works out for you. The 3.0 phones approved for use with republic wireless are North American unlocked, and can be used with other networks, depending on the other network approval.


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I have a Moto G 1st gen on the $10 unlimited talk/text. I plan on keeping this till my phone gives up, then I’ll have to get another phone and probably be boosted up to $15 month.