Anyone use macrodroid? Auto-open folder after saving recordings?

hello all, trying to find a way to automatically have the folder open where my recordings are kept, after i close the recorder. someone recommended ‘macrodroid’. i have no idea how to set this up to see if it would work. any help?

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Which model phone do you have, please? Which recorder app are you using?


i have a kenxinda alps 9. the app is stock.

Hi @alley_cat - I’m not familiar with the kenxinda alps 9 but I did find the following site that gives an overview of MacroDroid.

Once installed, the app itself has a bunch of templates. You can review the templates and maybe find one that’s close to what you want to do. If so, download the macro and edit it for your specific needs…or you can build your own. Hopefully the link will give you a better idea about what MacroDroid is all about.

@johnny5 may also have some guides and other useful information to help get you started.


yes, ive already dl’ed the app. just trying to figure out how to create a macro for what i want.

Assuming that the Kenxinda is able to load the MacroDroid app, you might give this a try:

  1. Open the MD app and select :menu: Menu top left
  2. Scroll down and tap Help, which provides a very good overall understanding of the app
  3. MD has to have a Trigger and an Action to be valid
    • Create a Test app by selection the red ‘Add macro’ on the home screen
    • Add a Trigger, if MD recognizes the internal app you are trying to control, it will be listed when you select ‘Applications’, else you will need to create one by ‘User Input’
    • Add an Action (under Files, I find Open File which may work … but I was unable to find the ability to Open a Folder and only see individual files on my phone
  4. It will probably require some digging to see if you can create a viable solution, but you will find that the MD app is very well documented.
  5. It is also supported by a very active community you might want to check out

yes, i already have this on my phone. i have been trying, but its not working out for me. ive only had it on my phone for about a week. so very new to me. this is why i was looking for the help to create what i need. thank you, though.

  • Can you post a screenshot of what you have created and describe what is not working out? … this might help me understand your problem a bit better

i dont have one. i couldnt get anything to work. thats why im asking for help

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ok, lets try a a different tact. Could you just verbalize the function that you are trying to create in MacroDroid, basically write the functional specification for the task we would have MD do for us.

  • Something along the lines of: I would like to close my phones recorder (after making a voice note to self) and then have it automatically open the file where the recordings are saved.
    • Any info you could provide, such a file location etc might help

ok. after the recording has stopped, it is saved in a macrodroid folder in the storage/emulated partition. so i would like to have macrodroid open the folder ‘Macrodroid’ so i can just click on the recording and listen to it. otherwise, you have to open a file manager and click your way to it. the recording setup is already done. just need to automatically open the file where the recordings are saved.

  • To make sure I understand properly: At this point you have the ability to open a folder called ‘Macrodroid’ where your recordings are stored.
    • Is this a MacroDroid folder or are you just using the name?
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