Anyone using Android 10 phone for Republic ? Any issues?

Like many others my BYOP is offering the option to via system update move from Android 9 to Android 10.

So before I do that would appreciate if anyone here has had issues on Republic after the update.

Thanks in advance

Hello @syeda.6bttib
Welcome to the Community!

Well I know that all the Pixel users here on Republic should all be on Android 10 (me included).
I have not had any issues nor see any posts of problems with it.
By all means… make the move to 10!
You should have no issues.
But as always, if you do… the Community is here for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your response…will take the plunge to Android 10 on my Pixel.

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I’ve been using Android 10 on my Pixel 3XL since the day it launched, without issue.

Only issue i’ve experienced is the Republic Wireless notification will sometimes get stuck being big and wont swipe away. Only way to fix it was to restart the phone.

Would like to mention that other apps also have this issue.

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