Anyone using OnePlus 6T

Is anyone using OnePlus on Republic? I am hoping that Republic will add one of the newer models soon.

Have you read this thread: Compatible Phones from OnePlus ?

Yes, but there is no mention of a Republic user’s experience with the phone on a Republic plan since the announcement that the 6T is now supported.

I recently switched my 6T over to Republic. I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet, but it’s working pretty well. I’ve been able to call and text on Wifi and cell successfully. One problem is that the call volume is very quiet on WiFi, even with the highest volume setting. It’s better on the cell network (though not particularly loud).

It would be great if dual SIM were supported - or if not, at least properly handling a 2nd SIM that has been disabled in the Android settings. It would be nice to disable the 2nd SIM by software rather than having to pull out the SIM tray and trying not to lose one of the cards.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Now with the 7T now out, I want to wait and see if Republic starts supporting a newer OnePlus model. Although the 6T still seems like a great phone despite being a year old.

Did you buy your thought their website? I was hoping to try to get one through Amazon but they only have renewed US models

I bought mine unlocked directly from OnePlus around the time they came out.

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