Anywhere app -- can one enlarge text imput area on phone and desktop


I’ve always wanted the text input area to expand when typing so I could see the entire message for editing before sending. Like it does after one sends a message - the whole thing is there.

Currently I can only get 4 lines on the phone and 6 1/2 on the laptop. I’ve looked in settings and don’t see anything helpful. Can this be changed. If not is something like this being worked on?

If no and no does anyone know of an app that can do this? Thanks


Hi @blackdog

Have you tried using RW Anywhere in landscape mode?. I do not know which phone your are using, but the area seems larger in landscape vs. portrait mode on my MXP.

There is the option to drag the editor window on my PC up/down. Which phone/laptop are you using?.


Thanks cftobr,

Just tried it in landscape and just get 4 lines on Moto x 2nd gen phone. But my word count goes up due to it being in landscape.

On my Toshiba satellite running windows 7 and I can resize the left side where peoples names are but nothing else. – jim


Just tried that on my PC and it opens a lot of space up.

I find it rather annoying the input area is at the very bottom of window and cant be moved up if desired.


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