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Does anyone know where messages go when I’m asked to click to download the message within the Anywhere app? Instead of a text from a sender, the messages begins a new message thread, displays the sender’s name, says the size (.004 mb) and “click to download”. It also says “message will expire on 7/14/17” It’s not in my phone’s downloads, and I can’t find it within the Anywhere app, or under the sender’s thread. Moto G3

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Hi @springy4,

The behavior your describing isn’t normal for the app. I asked our technicians to look over what you are describing, and they agreed that it’s something they’d need to troubleshoot with you.

They suggested when you open the ticket, it would be helpful to include:

  • Screenshots showing exactly what you’re seeing.
  • Whether this happens on Wi-Fi, Cell or both
  • From, to, and timestamp information for example(s) of this behavior


Just to add, a few of the technicians did say they have seen this happen on Anywhere as well as on other texting apps when the cellular connection is not ideal. They said that most of the time they end up finding the “downloaded” message in the original thread where should have been delivered in the first place.

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