Anywhere app continues to say "sending" even tho the message was received (by another Republic phone). MOTO G

After awhile “SENDING” changes to red font “Not sent. Tap to try again.” But, in fact it WAS sent and received, at least by another Republic Wireless phone. I have uninstalled Anywhere and then reinstalled it. All systems are up to date. MOTO G (3rd gen) Android version 5.1.1

Any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue with anywhere in my tablet. I use messages on my phone, no issue, but anywhere is glitchy. I also have the problem of anywhere reloading old archived messages, maybe 8 or 10. Very random. I love the flexibility of the app, but it needs some work. Any ideas?

If Anywhere isn’t working well…I would recommend switching to Messages by Google and see if that works any better… if you conclude that this is a generic texting issue then I would recommend reviewing the steps in this document.

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with no active development on Anyhwere…any bugs are not likely to be fixed…you can try uninstalling and reinstalling anywhere…and see if that helps you start with a clean slate on your tablet…otherwise living with the glitchy performance or abandoning it completely seem like the most time-efficient alternatives.

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