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LOVE my Anywhere app both on my Moto X and my one Microsoft Windows 10 gaming computer. WHEN will this app be available for the Google Chrome Browser, I have 2 Chromeboxes and a Chromebook that I use constantly and MISS the Anywhere app. Looks like RW would have researched this better, Chrome is STILL the #1 Browser in the world today!

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Republic is rolling more platforms, I’ve seen talk of an HTTP: [web app] which could run in most browsers I too would like to see a Chrome extension created,
iOS just just entered Beta, I expect Android tablets to be next on Republic list [which some Chrome box’s may run]
Here’s the official feature request thread
Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

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For better or worse, Republic made the decision to focus on native apps rather than browser based apps. That decision likely had nothing to do with web browser market share.

Anywhere is available for Windows, macOS and Linux (Beta), which would seem to cover the desktop with the notable exception of Chromebooks.

Anywhere for iOS is indeed in beta. I believe the next step is Android tablets and Android phones other than activated Republic phones.

My understanding is a browser based app is under active consideration, however, as Republic (like all companies) has limited resources, I wouldn’t expect to see it before native apps are completely rolled out. I’ve been wrong before though.


It really seems strange that Chrome was ignored though. RW is really all about Google (ok, Android), so why start off with support for iOS devices? Chrome devices or extensions should have taken priority.

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Things have changed a bit. Republic’s Android app will soon run on devices other than activated Republic phones, so Android devices will soon have parity with iOS in that regard. It’s in private beta testing right now.

The choice to prioritize native apps, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, over browser based apps was Republic’s. Browser based extensions are on the table for potential future implementation. For what it’s worth, some Chrome devices will run the forthcoming updated Android app.

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