Anywhere App for Kindle

Can you create an AP to install Anywhere on a kindle FIRE device?

Hi @not-techie!

Currently, there is not a dedicated Anywhere App for Fire OS. However, you should be able to side load the Android Anywhere app on it. I believe @littletoucan has done so and confirmed that it works. There is a guide here . Although there is currently no App for Fire OS, this doesn’t mean that Republic won’t make it available for Fire OS. Merry Christmas!



you can go here and follow the instruction and install the google play store and be able to install a lot of apps that are not on the amazon app store

after installing the google play on the fire you can install the anywhere app…


I sided loaded as @mb2x mentioned. Anywhere works on Fire and the beta features work too.

@not-techie Easy way to side load, install Send Anywhere on your phone and Kindle:

There is a Kindle version of Send Anywhere too, look in Amazon app store.

Once installed, on your phone and Kindle open Send Anywhere,
Tap on Apps
Check the box for Anywhere
You’ll see on the bottom to send
Press the Red Arrow to send

On Kindle go to Settings
Turn on switch for Apps from Unknown Sources

Now open Send Anywhere on Kindle
Tap on Receive
Enter the code from your phone - no spaces between numbers

The app will now be copied and sent to Kindle.

Once it’s copied over to Kindle, tap on the app and you will get a request to install the app. Tap on Install.

As @c1tobor is apparently suggesting, once side load is completed you can go to Settings on Kindle
Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it off - if you choose.

Once Anywhere is installed, login, let it compile, you may want to restart your Kindle when it finishes compiling. Then you’re good to go! Enjoy!





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