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I have a Moto X4 and use the “Anywhere” app for sending text msg. I’m having trouble sending a text to an iPhone. On some newer iPhones my texts go thru ok. I previously had the older gen of Moto X, and used the “Messaging” app for texts. Should I be using the old “Messaging” app or the “Anywhere” app for texting. Tks in advance for any help. … Confused Senior ////


Anywhere should work fine, but since you’re having an issue, you can try the supported App, Google Messages.


Is this the same as the “Messaging” app that I used on my old Moto X2 in the past? /////


the old messaging used on the Legacy phones (*like the Moto X 2nd) is old and out of date (has not seen an update since 2015 or longer) Messages by Google :messages: is Google current default


Thank you!

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