Anywhere App Login Malfunction

What phone do you have? LG Stylo 5

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes, 3GB / month

Issue Description

We just bought a new LG Stylo 5 for my husband. Phone is set up, synced to his Google accounts. Tried to sign into Anywhere, input login credentials, get the spinning thinking circle, then the page refreshes, along for login credentials with no error message. Currently all texts are coming through as messages that “you have received a message from ***, download Anywhere.”

I have restarted, changed the password, uninstalled, checked for updates, reinstalled the app.

Unless you have a specific interest in using Anywhere… I would recommend setting Google Messages as your default messaging app and see if that works any better…just to get you going with the new phone.

Anywhere doesn’t require any login credentials on the phone… app icon looks like this …:anywhere:
Are you possibly trying to login to the RW app the one with app icon that looks like this :rw_3:

Sounds like you might need to download Anywhere from the Google play store


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