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I asked this question before didn’t get a satisfactory answer and they closed the discussion. I asked how to send a photo from the photo gallery, from my phone. The answer I got was that I had 3 icons at the bottom of the page and to use the middle icon. I said I don’t have 3 I cons at the bottom all I have is a paperclip on the left side and if I click that it opens my camera.

Hi @bertk

I presume you’re asking about the Anywhere Android app and not the Mac or PC desktop apps, correct?

If I’ve got that right, directly below the open camera window, you should see the 3 referenced icons with the camera icon highlighted. Tapping the middle icon (looks like mountains) should produce access to your phone’s gallery. Tapping the microphone icon would allow you to record and attach an audio file.

You may be asked and will need to grant Anywhere any requested permissions.


Just to make sure to get to the camera window you tap the paperclip icon in Republic Anywhere

Now it is me who needs to re-read :blush:
It’s like @rolandh said ‘duh’:grinning:
Both answers provided assumed you meant from your PC … however a re-read indicates you are having the questions
" I asked how to send a photo from the photo gallery, from my phone."

  • Using the Anywhere App on my Moto X Pure, when I initially Tapped the paperclip it opened the camera … however, it presented a bar under the camera view that provided the ability to select Camera/Photo library/Microphone. It appears to present the view you used last as once I had changed it from Camera it stayed with the Photos.
    This may vary with the phone you have, but hopefully it will help

Um no, my answer is specific to the Android app and not one of the desktop apps.


In my Android app I get no camera window until I tap the paperclip icon

Indeed, however the OP referenced tapping the paperclip to get to his camera, so I presumed he got that far.

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Here a screenshot with the 3 icons


There are several way to achieve the same end results.

I find the easiest is to select/find my photo(s) first either in Gallery or Photos. Open/view one photo and use the screen’s android share icon. If multiple photos desired use the photo app’s menu to select and share. Anywhere will be one of the options to use for sharing. Your chosen photo(s) will already be attached when Anywhere is selected and opens.

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Thank You yes tapping the paper clip opened the camera. I never saw the icons at the bottom was to pre occupied with the camera being opened and I just shut it down. Now you telling me the icon’s are at the bottom of the open camera really helps. I now see them and it works Thank You

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thank you this works for me also

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