Anywhere app started separating photos from texts. 12/1/21

Today a new little thing started happening and it’s very annoying. Texts that are sent to me that include a pic are now separated into two texts, like this:

(link to personal google folder redacted)

This makes my life very aggravating as I share pics all the time in order to help coworkers. Having it separated into multiple threads is unusable.

I’ve already turned my phone off and back on. Now what?

My only suggestion is to abandon Anywhere for Messages by Google.


Hi @lauriec,

Are these group messages involving more than one person on the other end of the conversation? I’m not sharing the experience using Anywhere when messaging with just one correspondent.

Also, it would be worth trying @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion for using Messages by Google. Republic no longer develops Anywhere though some, like me, still find it meets our needs.

No, the only recipients are one person and myself. I’ve been with republic for a long time and don’t want to leave, but this might break me.

Hi @lauriec,

As mentioned in my initial response, Republic stopped developing Anywhere some time ago. Would you be willing to try @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion of using Messages by Google to see if the problem persists.

Switching to another provider would mean switching messaging apps anyway.

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