Anywhere App Too Buggy to do Anything

I downloaded the app, and right after the configuration screen came up over and over again, not letting me do anything on the phone until I uninstalled it. This also came with the same screen that something seems to be blocking Republic Wireless Network, and I can only make calls over the cell network. I have read of this problem happening to others. Has a solution been found?

Hi @ben11roboitcs0,

Are you wanting to troubleshoot a specific problem with Republic Anywhere or with the “Voice calls only” notification?

If the latter, I’d like to merge your post (to which I’m replying) into this topic: Voice Calls Only Message so we can focus that conversation in one place.

I think the problem with the Anywhere app may be related to the same problem creating the “Voice Calls Only” error. Something is preventing the phone from communicating with our servers, and that will affect both apps.

Oops! I see you’re already in that other thread! Sorry!

Hey it works! Umm so do you still want to take over my phone and find out more about your problem?


Wait what?

I’m not seeing where I said I wanted to do that. Did a support ticket suggest they might want to do that? If so, just let them know the issue was part of the brief outage we experienced and is now resolved.

Or you can tell them “Southpaw fixed it.” :smiling_imp:

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Lol yeah that works too.

I talked to someone on the phone, they said they wanted to do that. Soap. Guess that’s life.

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