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How do I archive on anywhere msg on ipad? version 1.0.1 (3) release


Hi @michaelh.wm0wkg,

Swipe to the left on the conversation you wish to archive. You should see a gray Archive button. Tap that.

You didn’t ask but in case you or anyone else needs to know how to unarchive:

  1. Tap Settings upper left.
  2. Tap Archived Conversations.
  3. Swipe to the left on the conversation you wish to restore.
  4. Tap the presented Restore button.

To archive messages on RW compatible or other Android phones you can also touch/hols a message(s) and it will be checked. The archive icon will appear at the top and tap to complete. Swiping to archive can be done to the right or left. To unarchive or restore a message touch/hold a message(s) until the check appears and tap the unarchive icon.

edited: I originally didn’t notice question was for an iPad. Changed and keeping replay for the phone users who may stumble upon this topic.



The OP explicitly asked about Anywhere running on an iPad. iOS is different from Android.

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Thanks for the clarification and I definitely missed that while reading.


Thanks for the replies, Gentlemen. I am very impressed with the quick and and informative answers. Unfortunately I finally discovered on my own the actions that you that you described. My next problem was how to cancel the original question that I had submitted. I had no luck trying to remove it and finally gave up. Maybe the guideline shows how this is done but I didn’t think of looking there.

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