Anywhere Beta's New Friend

Anywhere Beta meet T-Mobile Digits. Another advantage of RW becomes less valuable, and it isn’t even released yet. It’s a shame Anywhere has sat in Beta so long and RW got beat to the punch.

Hi @joshuac.raly2d!

I believe you have to pay $10 a month for digits (unless you are on a One Plus plan). Republic anywhere is free of charge for all Republic users despite what plan they’re on. I wouldn’t say that are quite the same in that way. I wouldn’t pay more for it-thats for sure :wink: .

Regarding the Beta: TMobile is a much larger company than Republic is. Therefore, they have more employees to allocate to developing products (like Digits). Testing a product and ironing out all the wrinkles so that users have a seamless experience is an incredibly long and time-intensive process. It takes time to do it right-even more so for a small-er company. That being said, I don’t believe it will be too much longer!



One could argue that Google Voice made Anywhere irrelevant half a decade ago. Companies will constantly come out with features. Can T-Mobile do digits for $15 per month with unlimited talk and text?

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