Anywhere call notification


is it possible to add missed call (with number) notification to Republic Anywhere?


Hi @rickh.ksvnki (sorry your question has gone this long without a reply).

I am confused though as I do get “missed call” notifications in the RWA app.

Can you add a little more detail (phone model, pc type, etc.) A bit more information would be helpful to the community.



I am looking for missed call notification on the PC

Moto G ist gen

Republic Anywhere  1.5.8 (2018-02-02)


<img moz-do-not-send="false" src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/ff701c111c2f502b6b042d22cc94b2ed3ffeb015.png" alt="" height="609" width="1110">


Hi @rickh.ksvnki

Thanks for the information. The ‘calling’ feature of RWA is currently in testing in the Beta channel for Anywhere, it has not been implemented yet for GA (general availability).

Do you believe you are in the Beta test group?. There were some members that did not agree to a 911 disclaimer and were not included in the continuing Beta releases/updates…On Participating in Anywhere Beta (Topic spit from previous one)

Specifically, Post #16

Could this be the issue or do you suspect something else?..(Windows version, Linux).


Ah; I am not in the test group, so I couldn’t comment on there being
some other issue.

I have not followed any discussions, I guess I just thought missed

call notification would be a cool feature.

I didn't realize it was in the works already..



I am anticipating purchasing a Galaxy Tab E SM-T561

Can I use both my MotoG  and the Samsung on my RW number?





the tablet sim is Micro-SIM (3FF) is that the same as the 1st gen



G1 doesn’t have a SIM card.

RW SIMs can’t be used in devices other than RW phones listed as compatible.



Did the research; they are the same. no need for follow up.



Got it.