Anywhere - can't find older (over 3 weeks) texts

why can’t I find older texts? Won’t let me scroll beyond last few weeks of txts.

(moto 5 text and talk)

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Hi @margaretmollyu.0ge7j,

If you switch to the messages app by Google, are the older messages there?

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thanks, have no idea how to switch to Google app. On the ANYWHERE desktop I can only access July and August messages. On phone, I can get all my messages.

Hi @margaretmollyu.0ge7j,

Did you recently install the Anywhere app to this computer? The computer version is meant to only load the last 30 or so days.

no, have used it for over a year now, did not realize until now that it only loaded past 30 days’ messages. So, there is no way to access prior messages on desktop?

Hi @margaretmollyu.0ge7j,

I’m not sure what has happened to how Anywhere stores and reads the text messages on your computer. When I look at mine, there are messages dating back to early May, which I think may be the last time I erased everything as part of some troubleshooting.

The expected behavior would be that messages on the computer stay on the computer unless you used the “reset local content” option from the help menu.

I’ve had to use the ‘reset local content’ option a few times when program would freeze. But have not noticed until recently that I can’t scroll past July 18 texts. There should be some way to access prior messages - Mine won’t scroll past July 18 texts.

If you used the “reset local content” option then all messages are deleted from the computer, and downloaded anew from our servers. There’s nothing left on your computer for the Anywhere software to load, except the fresh download from the server.

We keep only about 30 days of messages on the server, there are no messages prior to that for the software to access.

When you invoke the “reset local content” function on the computer, it presents this warning:


There is really no way to restore older messages to your computer after taking this action.

I’ve reset it a number of times, and always notice that ‘messages will be deleted’. But they never are, am able to access all prior messages. In fact, I reset it before I wrote the initial inquiry here, thinking that would help. But the same ones came back up (but this time, only dating back to July 18, which was why I reset it to access older txts). I’ve never had this problem of inability to access dated messages on desktop. If you are able to access your message in May, then yours keeps txts longer than a month! it is all confusing to me, and annoying that I can’t continue a thread with others on desktop that the last dated exchange was less than a month ago. Desktop is far easier for typing than the phone!

There are two different things in play.

  1. Messages stored on the computer. These stay there until you wipe them clean with this “reset” option. I haven’t done the reset since May, so I still have messages on my computer back to May.

  2. Messages stored on our servers. These go back only 30 days.

So when you use the “reset” option two things happen.

  1. You erase all those on the computer. They are gone for good.
  2. Then you reload the last 30 days from our servers.

That’s why I still see messages from May - I haven’t erased the messages on my computer since then. But you’ve erased yours from the computer and loaded back just the last 30 days.

If you’re trying to resume an old conversation, perhaps read it on the phone, but then pick up typing on the computer by starting a “new” text with that person. They’ll see it in the same conversation as before, and what you type will be added to that same conversation on your phone.

Thank you, I now understand, and can use the workarounds.

Still, it would be so helpful if Republic’s ANYWHERE 1) developed program that didn’t require resets on desktop (have never had to perform a reset on my phone) or 2)program that didn’t erase older-than-30 days of txts after a required reset.

I haven’t used anywhere in a while…but what I am experiencing is that
a) If I post new content in a thread on my desktop that is older than the reset window of my phone (phone had a reset of local anywhere data about month and half ago)…then those posts do not appear on the phone. I thought Anywhere was supposed to keep all new content in sync across devices…that doesn’t appear to be happening.
b) Unfortunately…my desktop history superseded that of the phone…so I cannot do an exact comparison in the other direction…but on the phone…posting in any thread…including those past the 30 day server sync window…seem to sync up with desktop app instantly.
So this does appear to be a bug in Anywhere.

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Required resets should not inhibit access to older posts on either desktop or phone. All messages should be equally available on both. Can Republic fix this?

Basic answer, no. First, Republic is no longer developing Republic Anywhere and therefore there won’t be any enhancements made to the service. Second, Republic can’t indefinitely store customer messages both for privacy reasons and for storage reasons. They made the decision to store 30 days. That won’t likely change any time soon.

The reset is a last resort way. Next time before you go that route…try logging out and logging back in to Anywhere instead. You may also attempt to delete anywhere from your desktop and try to reinstall it and see if that gives you more stable performance.

At the end of the day… since this no longer an actively maintained application… you are going to have to live with the current functionality…or try some of the workarounds noted in this thread.

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