Anywhere can't get Internet connection


Here’s my issue…

I absolutely have an internet connection that is working but Anywhere thinks I’m offline. (port issue???)



I get the same error at work which I believe is my work blocking social media sites

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I have the same issue. I am using Windows 7, home edition. I have downloaded and attempted to install Anywhere twice and each time i got the same message you received. Anywhere installed easily on my phone.



I don’t believe my work blocks any of social media sites, but that may be irrelevant. Being that Anywhere is an app and not a website, then I think the traffic is not going to go through port 80, the common http port. Instead it can use one of many other ports, which may still get blocked, but not under the social media block that is imposed by some workplaces. I turned off my anti-virus (Kaspersky) and I was able to get a login prompt and it appears to be working??? …although I see nothing. Exited out and re-logged in and now I got the “Anywhere Setup”. I followed the setup and now it appears to be working.
At least for me, the issue seemed to be my anti-virus. Now I wonder what will happen once I turn my anti-virus back on???



It is using port 443 which is https (the secure version of port 80). Since it is an app, it can be blocked by application level blocking from firewalls or antivirus apps. Typically Antivirus just needs to exclude our app, not hard to do. Firewalls can be tougher if the company is very strict.


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