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I’m using the Republic Anywhere App on my phone and computer and I’m not having any troubles. I’m wondering, though, where the computer app gets the avatar photo it stuck on there for me. It’s a really old not-so-good photo of me, and I cannot figure out where or how to change it! I found a thread saying to change it through Gmail, but the photo on there isn’t the one selected in either of my Gmail accounts. I’d be fine with either of those. Another thread said to tap the icon on my phone, and that did allow me to set a photo there (where none was showing)… but the old photo is still showing on the COMPUTER version of the app, and tapping the photo there does nothing.

ETA: Okay… I have two Republic Wireless phones. It looks like it somehow switched so it’s showing the names and photos that my daughter has on her phone, even though my computer has the Anywhere app installed and registered to MY phone number. It is indeed showing the texts between myself and my Dad, for example… but it’s calling my Dad “Grandad” because that’s what she has that phone number called on HER phone.

Why isn’t it using the names registered to MY phone? I have never synced my computer app to her phone number!

Hi @kathleenp.3e7aat,

I’m sorry to see no one has replied to your question by now.

Have you ever shared a Gmail account with your daughter?

To correct what you’re seeing on the Computer, you’ll need to re-sync the phone to your account. Note: Doing so will permanently erase all the text messages more than 30-days old from the computer.

Instructions are here: How to Reset the Local Content of Republic Anywhere on a Computer – Republic Help

I can access her Gmail/Google account on my computer. I don’t use it regularly, though, like I use my two Google/Gmail accounts, both of which are also on my phone. Hers is not on my phone.

Thank you for sending that link. I did that. I also uninstalled the computer app and reinstalled it. It asked me to log in, and then I selected my phone number and not my daughter’s. It loaded all MY messages… but is still calling my contacts by HER names. Thus, the text from my Dad to me says it came from “Grandad” and the text from my brother to me says it came from “Uncle Jonathan” instead of “Jonathan” like my Google account and phone have his name called.

I am not logged into her Google account on my computer right now. Why is it doing this? This makes no sense to me! Where does it pull contact names and avatars from?

ETA: Contacts that are only in my Google account and not hers have the names that are associated in my google account. It’s only the contacts that we both have that are showing as the name she calls them by instead of the name I have entered. Even when it’s not a group text, so her phone never received that message.

Hi @kathleenp.3e7aat,

If I’m understanding correctly, there are three Google accounts in play.
You have two Google accounts on your phone.
She has one Google account on her phone.
The Computer Anywhere app’s contact names and avatars match those on her phone when they are for people in both of your contacts.
The Computer Anywhere app’s contact names and avatars match those on your phone when they are for people unique to only your contacts.

Using a computer, please visit and sign in using one of the accounts on your phone.
Is “Dad” listed in those contacts? If so, what is he called?
Log out (don’t just close the browser, click your image/avatar and actually sign out of Google.)
Now, again using a computer, please visit and sign in using the second account on your phone.
Is “Dad” listed in those contacts? If so, what is he called?

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Yes, your understanding is correct.

When I go to, it takes me to MY contact list. I have two Chrome logins that I switch back and forth between… one for each of my Google accounts. So if I open up the Chrome that’s logged into my personal Gmail account, it shows all my own personal contacts and “Dad” is indeed “Dad [Redacted]” like he is in my own contact list. If I open up the Chrome that’s logged into my business account, he’s not listed at all since he’s not in that contact list.

My android phone contact list is synced to both Google accounts and therefore shows all my contacts from both accounts, all together, and Dad is “Dad [Redacted].”

I am not logged into my daughter’s Google account at all, anywhere, on my computer or my phone. But the same text conversation on my phone from today, for example, between my brother Michael and myself, shows on my phone as “Michael [Redacted]” and shows on my Anywhere app as “Uncle Michael” because that’s how my daughter has his phone number entered. But of course, I have no idea WHY it is using my daughter’s contact names! It doesn’t, of course, if the conversation is with someone in my personal contact list that she doesn’t have in hers.

(Moderator’s note: Last names redacted.)


This is really quite a mystery. I have several family members using Anywhere and have never seen any cross-pollination like this.

Do you by any chance have access to any of your daughter’s social media accounts on your phone? According to this help article, Anywhere may sync the contact information from Facebook contacts.

Have you tried the steps listed in this article to re-sync the contacts on the computer (scroll down to the Windows section.)

Have you tried using the “deregister device” option from the computer just to make sure there’s not a forgotten phone or tablet somewhere still registered that has her Google account on it?

I tried the sync contacts and that changed nothing.

I’m not logged into any of her social media accounts.

I discovered that the browser on my phone was logged into my daughter’s Google account. So I logged out of all Google accounts on my phone’s browser, double-checked FB (my account only… she doesn’t use hers or have these people in hers anyway), did the same on my computer, deregistered all devices from the Anywhere app, logged back into only my Google account, logged back into Anywhere… and nothing has changed. My dad is still being called “Grandad” and my brother being called “Uncle Michael.”

It is my daughter’s Google contacts that are mixed with mine. That’s the photo and names that are showing. The only social media she uses regularly is Instagram, and I don’t use that at all. So it’s definitely our Google account information getting mixed.

I’m thinking it’s got to be stuck in cache somewhere that nothing is clearing, but I cannot think of what or where! I suppose I could deregister my computer from the Anywhere app again, uninstall Chrome, and make sure my Chrome profile is deleted, and then reinstall it all and see if that fixes it! I don’t have time to do that today, though.

I’ll try that in the next few days, but let me know if you have any other ideas.

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I accidentally discovered yesterday that my phone Hangouts app was logged into my daughter’s account! I have no idea when one of us did that, but they may have been the problem.

I logged out of it, deregistered my device, etc… and the problem is changed. Those contacts no longer show the names my daughter calls them… but neither are they showing the names that I call them. ie: On my laptop, if I want to text my dad, I cannot click the plus and type in “Dad.” It cannot find him in the address book at all. If I type out his number directly, it lets me text him, but it doesn’t identify who he is. It only attaches it to the last text conversation we had a couple of weeks ago.

Dad is, of course, an entry in my personal Google address book. Some of the other personal entries… like my in-laws and my husband and my brother (numbers that my daughter has) are also not recognized by the Anywhere app on my computer. Others that my daughter did not have are recognized.

So it is pulling up some of the contacts in my personal Google account, but not all of them. How do I get it to find all the rest? It can still find them fine on my phone.

Chrome is logged onto both of my Google accounts on both my phone and my laptop. Hangouts is also logged into both of my Google accounts on both my phone and my laptop.

Oh wait… I found the “Sync Contacts” option on the app on my phone, and tried that, and that seems to have fixed it!

I think it’s now working correctly!!!

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Yay @kathleenp.3e7aat! Thanks for sticking with it! I’m so glad you figured it out. I think you deserve an Anywhere T-shirt for all your perseverance. I’ll DM you to get some details privately.

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