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The pictures and names for some of my Anywhere contacts are incorrect. How do I fix this. I have done the reset on my Mac computer. It did not fix the problem.

Hi @normanh.u98r81,

What are you seeing for those contacts? Are the wrong people’s names and pictures being assigned to numbers, or are there no names and pictures at all?

Is there anything in all those contacts have in common? For example, are they all contacts from Facebook, Outlook, or some source other than Google?

I see the correct phone number with the incorrect name and picture. It is only a could of contacts. I was part of a group that only had phone numbers and no names or pictures. I had tried to link to my contacts and that is when it happened (to the ones that I tried to associate).

I finally deleted them from my contacts and re-added them. That was the only way that I could fix the problem.

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Hi @normanh.u98r81

We’re glad you figured out how to fix the issue for yourself. Just a few follow questions if I may:

Was this on your computer only or phone as well with the Anywhere app?
Did everything show up correctly in the contacts app or the phone dialer app on your phone?

I had issues previously (not with Republic) but over the years, I had a few duplicate contacts in my account which means that an app could get confused to which contact info it should pull from.

You can audit and clean up your contacts on your phone or if you have them synced to your Google account, you can also find them online at

The problem showed up on both my phone and computer. The contact information was correct in the contacts on my phone and Google contacts. Because it was correct in my contacts, there was no way to change the information. Anywhere did not seem to have a way to edit the information. Very frustrating. Luckily it was only a small number of contacts that I had to delete and they re-type all of the information.

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