Anywhere corrupted my message store!


I Installed Anywhere on my phone earlier today, and now I’m sorry that I did. All messages are shown in duplicate, and most of them are now marked unread eventhough I read them months ago. So then I went back to the messaging apps I previously used (stock Android and Samsung) and both now have the same problem. They worked fine prior to installing Anywhere. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Open a ticket, this could be a bug that needs to be addressed and support might be able to help you with the duplicate texts.


Hi @garyv

I remember having this happen a “few” times in past.

Once, it was a SIM card vs. memory thing, and the other times it was a Google Contacts thing.

If you log into your Google Contacts account, you should be able to merge duplicates…(been awhile since I have done that)…but worth a look/simple fix.



Following your suggestion I did merge duplicate contacts but it didn’t change the duplicate SMS/MMS text messages.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will open a bug report since the damage is worse than I feared, with many missing messages and others reporting “0 bytes” or failing to download.


I was advised to turn off Data Saver, then re-sync my message store with the 30 day backup that is kept on RW’s servers. Doing so cured most of the issues I had, although at the cost of losing texts older than 30 days. Software developers are aware of an incompatibility between Data Saver and Anywhere.


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