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Hi: I just downloaded R Anywhere. It would be fine except for one serious problem. I have lots of unneeded texts and it appears there is no way to delete them. If true, this is too cluttered for me. Also can’t name the person associated with the number. Thanks

Hello @jerryl.gx8uua,

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You can delete a text (or multiple texts), by a tap and hold on the message(s). A little trashcan will appear at the top, tap on that and they are deleted.

Please go to Anywhere’s settings (3 dots, top right corner), tap “settings” then “Sync Contacts now” and see if that helps.

Please let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks Super T, but holding & trash can only works of the phone. Holding a text w my mouse on desktop does not work.

There is no option to delete on Anywhere clients other than the phone. Archive is as good as it gets on the desktop.

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