Anywhere doesn't show contact names on some of my devices

A week ago, I installed Republic Anywhere from Google Play Store after installing 4 APKs said to permit non-Amazon Android apps to be installed and run on the Kindle.

Anywhere doesn’t show contact names for conversations on the Kindle Fire. Around the same time, it also stopped showing them on my PC. It just shows the phone numbers.

However, Anywhere still shows contact names on my phone.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Republic plan: My Choice + 1GB

PC: HP dv7t-7000
OS: Windows 10

Kindle tablet: Fire 8 HD

Issue Description

Good Morning @do1029ug3,

I’m on a Mac rather than a PC and Amazon’s Kindle is not a supported device, so I may not be the best person to offer assistance.

That said, please try the following to see if it helps:

Rolandh, Thanks for your suggestion. It led me to an apparent fix, but in a puzzling way.

As you suggested, I ran Anywhere on my phone and in Settings, the “Sync contacts across” toggle was already set to On. For good measure, I tapped “Sync contacts now” which showed a popup, “Scheduling sync” or some such. Then I noticed that the Anywhere window on my PC had been updated and the contacts were now showing!

Am I being thick? “Sync contacts across devices” was already set to On. Why did tapping “Sync contacts now” fix it? I have been assuming that syncing happened automatically.


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Not at all. I can’t explain why it hasn’t been happening automatically as designed but tapping “Sync contacts now” did what it says it does by forcing the sync to take place. Hopefully, doing so “unsticks” things going forward.

I should mention, Republic is no longer actively developing Anywhere, so it’s possible as time goes on, you’ll run into further glitches. If so, Republic’s guidance is to switch to Messages by Google. That said, I continue to use and prefer Anywhere and will do so until it’s no longer a viable option.


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