Anywhere doesn't work when away from internet. Can I switch back and forth between Messages and Anywhere?

**What phone do you have? Moto G
**What plan are you on? Talk and text
**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No, but I bought some for emergency use

Issue Description

I understand that Anywhere only works with data and internet, which causes a problem when I am away from internet and my data is for emergency only. So while I am away from internet, can I switch over to messages and switch back to anywhere when I return home? Or should I just use Messenges?

You do not need a data plan. As long as data is possible text should still work. Just make sure you are not shutting off data on the phone. If you need to do that, turn on data freeze in the Republic app.


Anywhere does indeed need data. However, the data that is used by Anywhere is available to it whether you are on a data plan or not, whether you have any data left or not, and in addition, doesn’t use the data that you’ve paid for. For it to work, you need to leave data in the Android settings enabled. You can turn off the data you’ve paid for through the Republic App.


If you use the RW App and its ‘Data Freeze’ function (under Data Tools) you turn off Data usage for all but the essential RW functions (calling,texting, call setup etc … all of which you are not charged for)

  • Additionally the RW app Settings :settingsicon: /Advanced Settings/Show cellular data disabled when checked will provide a notification, in case you or something else turns off Data in the Android Settings

You haven’t started which Moto G phone you have, if it’s a G4, G4 Play, G4 Plus, G5 Plus, G5S Plus then it need data for texting no matter what texting app is used, I would also point out that all Republic phones need some data for call setup but this data [and texting data] do not come out of your purchase data amount and data [and roaming data] in Android settings needs to be left on, data access for user apps can be turn off in the Republic app [data freeze] for user apps


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