Anywhere for Android 1.1.35 release to PRODUCTION

We named it Anywhere because we want to bring your Republic communications experience to all the devices in your life. Tomorrow (September 7th, 2017) we will make available Anywhere for Android version 1.1.35. This is the first version that enables Anywhere for non-Republic activated phones.

So, bring your Android tablets and non-Republic activated phones, Anywhere now has superpowers. Upon installing, sign in with your account credentials just like the desktop and iOS apps.

Tablet support is an oft requested feature in Play Store reviews and we are happy to deliver it. If you were disappointed upon installing Anywhere on your tablet in the past months, please consider updating when 1.1.35 is available. And please open a support ticket if anything is misbehaving.

Anywhere Android 1.1.35 Release Notes


  • Support for running Anywhere on any Android tablet or phone
  • Message history sync with Republic when the app first runs:
    • Optionally when activating a new Republic phone
    • Always on non-Republic devices
    • Manually anytime from the Settings menu


  • Some crash-related bugs now fixed

NOTE: Some ChromeOS devices support installing Android apps from the Play Store. Although we have not explicitly tested this configuration yet, we have received initial reports that Anywhere installs and runs on several Chromebooks, with a few noted quirks about keyboard input.


That is awesome news @bsmith

Many of us that have been around awhile have trademarked RW Soon, (there may be court battles going on, don’t know just kidding). Anyways, what a Herculaneum effort!, Congratulations.


Per the note: My Lenovo N22 is included in the list of Playstore Chromebooks, and it works. I would add an additional note that I have to run the Google Beta channel to get/run apps.

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