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Any chance of getting an Anywhere app for Chrome? IT blocks .exe installs here, and are slowly cracking down on IM. I don’t like competing messaging apps, so I don’t have anything like Mighty installed. Couldn’t find another post, so I’m sorry if I doubled up.

Good Morning @russellb.udlu9a,

Indeed the question has been asked elsewhere. Before directing you there, might I clarify your request. Are you inquiring about a Chrome browser extension, other browser based solution (neither of which exist right now) or something that might run on a Chrome OS device (Chromebook)?

Browser extension. I run Windows 7. :smiley:

I’m afraid the answer on a browser based extension is not yet. Please see: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread. I’m confident the suggestion has already been made. Republic’s request is rather than duplicate the feature request, we upvote (by liking) an existing request. Republic is monitoring the thread and basing relative interest in a particular feature on the number of likes received.


Done! Thanks again Rolandh!


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