Anywhere for windows 10 PC

anywhere for windows 10 PC doesn’t work after updates
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motorola junk e (headset jack never worked)
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Issue Description

have been using anywhere for windows on my pc for years. windows 10 did an extensive update and now anywhere will open so i can see it in the side bar as one of the open apps and if i drag the mouse over it i can see the open window but i can’t get to that anywhere window. so i uninstalled it through control panel/programs… restarted, and then installed it again from a new download from a couple days ago. however it does the same thing, so it’s still unusable. i’m wondering does the app need to be updated to match the new windows update? using win 10 home Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041

Hi @waynv,

I have the same Windows build though its Pro and not Home…(it should not matter) and tried to reproduce your issue.

When you say “side bar” are you talking about the Windows Task bar? To my knowledge there is no “side bar” on a standard Windows 10 PC unless you are using a 3rd party app. But perhaps you have the Task Bar on the left or right of the screen? In that case, it could produce the effect you talk about if the Anywhere window was shoved to an edge and almost hidden.

See example screen shot marked-up in red. The bottom partial red box is the Anywhere screen shoved down so low you might not see it.

Please let us know if this helps, and if not… can you tell us more about the “side bar”? :slight_smile:

Yes, taskbar! that is word i was looking for. and it is the stock one not an app. and i do have it on the left. i just moved it to the bottom of the screen and it makes no difference. i’ve been using this for years. after opening the program, i think it went directly to the open anywhere window, but you could switch between that an browser or email thru taskbar only it doesn’t work this way anymore. it just shows on the task bar as open running but you CAN’T click on it and open the anywhere window. but if you move the mouse over the anywhere icon on the taskbar it will show the anywhere window in miniature but then if i move the mouse to the miniature window and click on it, it doesn’t open it like it should. something’s wrong. and like i said it was after the new update.

correction: it just shows on the task bar as open running but you CAN’T click on it and open the anywhere window. (you click on it and nothing happens)

Hi @waynv,

I’ve had this happen when I move from two monitors to one. It’s like Windows isn’t letting the Anywhere app know that the second monitor I keep Anywhere on has been disconnected. Usually, though, I can solve the issue by exiting the Anywhere app and restarting it. You might also check to make sure Windows display settings currently show only one monitor in use.

Thanks! I was running one monitor (laptop) but i connected my large screen tv and set it to multiple displays. no change. so went through background processes in task manager and ended a lot of processes i wasn’t familiar with including “yourphone” and now anywhere works, so now it’s just a matter of narrowing down which one is the culprit causing the conflict.

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