Anywhere gone wonky?

I use the Anywhere app on my computer every day…for months and months. I’m using it on Ubuntu Linux, so I get that I’m lucky to even have a compatible app. :poop:

BUT…today it got weird on me. 1st thing I noticed is the wrong person’s avatar in the thread. Scenario: I have a chat with Steve and a chat Gary. Steve’s avatar is showing for Gary in my Gary chat! Things look fine on my phone–where I also use Anywhere as my messaging app.

Anyone else?

Yes, I have rebooted my computer. :coffee:

I have seen this as the ‘fix’ for a different texting problem, may be worth a shot

Hi @Troywolf,

Thanks for your post! I’m kind of comforted to see this is happening on a Linux machine! I do have the same thing going on.

In my case, my computer displays my mother with @wvfisher’s avatar! :scream: :laughing:
Most of my contacts just have the circle with a letter in them on the computer, even though they have pictures on my phone.

The interesting thing is that it’s consistent on multiple computers. I have Anywhere on my home and work computers and both display the contacts exactly the same way. This leads me believe there’s nothing I can do on either computer that’s going to fix it. Something is wrong with the way Anywhere is reading or storing the contact information on the server, but doesn’t affect the phone because it’s reading the contact info directly from the contacts app there. This would explain why it’s not specific to just (my) Windows computers - but also being seen even on Linux machines.

No amount of uninstalling, reinstalling, resyncing contacts from the server, or removing my contacts and then restoring them has solved this. If you stumble on something that does the trick for all of us, I’ll find a prize in the Community Treasure Chest for you! No insult intended to @wvfisher, but… I want my Mama!!

I’ve learned to just be really careful to start a conversation based on the name I’m seeing, not the picture!

I would not anticipate a fix, since Anywhere development has ended.


Any chance that the server that host Anywhere has got corrupted, and possibly a bounce of the server might help clear up the problem?

Glad to see this addressed! I’ve been watching my contacts looking different on my laptop than my phone, so at least now I know I don’t have another workaround to figure it out, or that my contacts didn’t download correctly on my laptop. Thanks a bunch!!

Has a date been set to shut the anywhere service down?

There has been no such announcement, and updates required by Google to maintain the app in the Play Store continue to be rolled out.

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Interesting. I enjoyed the application on Linux also. It’s just a shame that when a problem is encountered the suggestion is to move to Messages. Oh well.

:frowning: Was this announced? Was a reason given? Just too much to support I assume–you mess with folks’ text messages and they tend to get cranky. Although I was never in love with the Anywhere UI on my phone compared to the default Messages app, The ability to text from my laptop was H U G E.

I sure hope there wasn’t some big data abuse discovery–like mining our text messages for advertisers! #trust

As @southpaw did, I also tried everything I could think of. When I saw the “reset data” option in the menu, and clicking it warned me it would delete all my text data off my computer, I thought, “Yes! This will do the trick! I can start over with text data–I don’t need the history on my computer.” …but sadly no-go.

As @jben suggests, surely it is some kind of data corruption. The fact that @southpaw sees the issue displayed the same way on multiple computers, and the fact that resetting the data on the computer and even re-installing does not resolve the issue, we have to assume this is a server-side data corruption issue. As a software developer, when I think of data corruption, I’m thinking the issue is within the stored data–so rebooting services would not resolve it (most likely).

@southpaw, you have been brave to continue using the app despite this issue. For me, if I can’t trust the app to simply match up avatars correctly, I can’t (shouldn’t) trust it to send my messages to the correct people.

R.I.P Anywhere :cry:

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Not in any big, splashing formal announcement. I closed out the feature request topic with the news:

Absolutely not. We don’t play those games. :angry: It’s a simple matter of prioritizing resources and some forward-looking thinking about the direction messaging seems to be taking.

You can turn off the contact sync and Anywhere on a computer will reliably display the number to which the message is being sent.


I have to wonder if RW team decided to not spend anymore time and resources on a product software that already existed, for free, and in a much better and robust form from third party’s. Like Pulse SMS and its full any-platform support. It is everything that R. Anywhere could have been.

One thing that R. Anywhere had going for it, at least only in closed beta, was the calling ability, much like Google Voice. I would have found that ability very useful.

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I’ve used and like Pulse. Its (and Google’s Messages) alternative device support does come with the significant caveat they mirror what’s on the phone. Anywhere is different in that each platform client app maintains its own connection to Republic’s messaging servers. Therefore, I’m able to use Anywhere on alternative platforms even if my phone is lost, stolen, broken or merely powered down. Other Android messaging options don’t offer this and this is what I’ll ultimately miss most about Anywhere if/when I decide its time to move on.

I was part of that closed beta. For me, Anywhere calling worked well. Republic’s Extend Home offering partially mitigates this but is not as flexible as app based calling.


THANKS for the heads-up about Pulse SMS. I just purchased, installed, created an account, and am using the web app. So far it’s perfect, beautiful, and highly functional.

I understand what @rolandh says about how Anywhere had the advantage of working even without your phone completely–a significant advantage. But, if Anywhere is no longer a viable option, well, that’s a moot argument.

One concern I have at the moment is my phone keeps warning me that my messaging app is not compatible with Republic Wireless and suggests I change to Android Messaging. Sending and receiving with Pulse SMS seems to work great, so do I have a concern here? Will RW stop nagging me about this eventually?

To the best of my knowledge unlike other options despite the nag Pulse works just fine with Republic. On most Republic activated phones one may turn the nag off as described here:

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