Anywhere is sending texts to the incorrect contact

Is anyone having problems with Anywhere sending texts to another contact other than what’s is specified?

I’m in a convo with a family member(non-Republice Wireless) and my wife is receiving the texts. Really weird, it started Saturday. I’m going through a Factory Reset on my Moto G 1st gen hopefully that will fix whatever is broken.

One thing that was odd…First I removed Anywhere, then was going to install it, but it’s not showing up in Google Play.

Hello @richardm.jalqz6

Humm, well since you did a Factory Reset we’ll wait to hear from you to see if you still have an issue. :thinking:

Here is a link to Anywhere in the Play Store :grinning::

Even after the reset, Anywhere is still not showing up in Google Play. I’ll try tomorrow, the link you sent.

Hi @richardm.jalqz6,

Republic Anywhere is no longer available for our legacy phones like your Moto G (1st Gen) in the Google Play store, but we have a link and instructions so you can install it in this help article;

While it’s not a common experience, I’m only aware of this happening when the app is installed on a phone that does not have service.


Not sure the Republic Anywhere version 2.0.62 in the Play Store will work on a Moto G1. The app requires Android 6.0 and up. Thought the G1 only went up to Android 5.11. I could be wrong.

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You’re correct. That’s why we made the version for the legacy phones available through the Help Article I linked.

Wow! I must have been typing very S-L-O-W-L-Y…a bunch of posts came in before I hit enter. That will teach me to watch football while typing. Worked out anyway, now I have link for version (and instructions) that will work on the older legacy phones :grinning:

Ditto Buddy! :wink:

I’m on my Linux version of Anywhere and After the reset…
From my Moto G search Google Play store, there are not any search results. I’ll try the URL above to see if that links correctly from my phone.

Why isn’t the “legacy” version showing in the store instead of finding a link from a forum? My Samsung S7 stopped working, so I’ve been on my Moto G for quite some time now without issue until this weekend.

I’ve haven’t lost service/coverage.

I’m showing Android 5.1 on this Moto G 1st gen.

Ok, so after the factory reset and a lot of trouble opening the link from the phone. I copy/pasted into Chrome, then I was able to download the app and install it.

So far, it seems to be working ok. All texts have been going to the correct recipient. I’ll give it another day or so before I load the phone back to preset state.

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