Anywhere keeps crashing and uninstalling itself on PC running window 7


What phone do you have? Moto x 2n gen but PC is having the issue
What plan are you on? 2
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Installed anywhere about a month ago on PC running windows 7. It has crashed 2x and uninstalled itself and then have download installer and reinstall. The installer stays on the computer but the program is nowhere to be found. What’s up?


try searching for “Republic Anywhere” with the windows search tool. When you find it, pin it to your task bar.


i searched for “anywhere” and all it found was the installer not the application. I use the installer found on the HD to reinstall. Could that be a problem, that the installer is installing an older version? I thought it was smart enough to install the most current version.

I just searched for Republic Anywhere and the app doesn’t show up just the installer. I do see the app in the control panel under programs. Even went and visually looked in program files and program files (x86) and can’t find it anyplace at folder level. Does the app exist or is it virtual app? Getting more confused?


Hi @blackdog,

It’s a real program on your PC. I have it pinned to the task bar and the start menu to find easily when it crashes. I’ve installed it on my Win 7.0 Pro 64-bit. First install didn’t go well and uninstalled. Reinstalled and it works ok. I just searched for RWA and found 6 install files and a shortcut. Deleted all the install files and kept one shortcut.

Two crashes within a month is not at all unusual from what I’ve experienced when using it on other devices. Have your crashes corresponded with your billing cycle? Mine crashed on all my other other connected devices at the beginning of my last BC. Easy to restart from the start menu but needed to sign in again on each other device.



Have you or @blackdog opened a Ticket …from the ‘Help/Report an issue’ on the Windows version or RWA?


Doubt it’s a platform issue in my case atleast. When it crashes it’s across all my devices, Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

I have no current reason to, it works ok, and no complaints. If it crashes again on my next billing cycle I’ll know to expect it once a month and look into it further.



i have not yet in hopes of finding a solution here. Wondering if others have had similar occurrences.


this is only a PC crash. Moto X 2nd gen and Nexus 7 are stable? Go figure?


not related to billing cycle. Do you know the path to the file as I can’t find it with the searches I’m doing?


New info:
republic anywhere was open and working and icon was in task bar. Folder had all sms’s and I chose to close it to see what happened. it closed and the desktop app disappeared? It’s still in control panel/programs but a start search and folder level search finds nothing except the installer as previously mentioned. Very confused? Ideas.


I previously had what sound like the same problem, found it by Windows Search and it was shown in the task bar … but when closed it disappeared (because I had not pinned it to the taskbar … this shows it pinned


The Anywhere app is installed to “C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Local\republicanywhere\Republic Anywhere.exe” .

This, in my opinion, is a poor choice. This is not where programs are supposed to be installed, and the coders who permitted this should change it for future updates.


Hey @blackdog,

We’re hoping to have this fixed in the next desktop release. I don’t have a solid date yet for when that will be available, but it is currently soaking in beta with promising results.

(Sorry for the unsatisfactory answer.)

If you have continuing issues you can get support from us by emailing or reaching back out here.



Thank you for the path. I found the program! I am still somewhat perplexed as to why I can’t find these files doing a folder search. But kwhite’s response is reassuring that I am not totally nuts and the program has issues.


Kyle – this is not an unsatisfactory answer as it is an answer and is appreciated. It’s good to know that it is not my older computer that is the problem but is the application itself. Could you share more details as to the issues/symptoms of the applications misbehavings? Does the program uninstall itself when it crashes since I can’t find it after a crash? Why can’t I find it doing a folder search?

Thanks for your and the teams good work. – jim


McAfee keeps nuking it on my PC. I have tried to tell McAfee to leave it alone but with no success. Works fine on my Moto X Pure.


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