Anywhere lost connectivity on desktop

Republic Anywhere works fine on my phone. However, the app on my desktop periodically tells me, “Not currently connected” and will not reconnect. How do I log out of the app and then log back in? The only exits I can find merely close and reopen the app window.

Enable it in notifications area/control panel and a right click should bring up option to log out. Works on my Windows 7 & 8 PCs.


Don’t know what you mean by the notifications/control panel area…these are the only right-click options I have available to me (hope you can see this image):

It is possible this lost connectivity is between your desktop and your router but the controls you are looking for can be found in the Windows 10 system tray. Look for an Anywhere icon after clicking on the up-arrow near the system time. Then right-click on that icon.

To see if you are losing connectivity to your router click on the icon in the system tray that looks like a monitor. When I lose connectivity it will often say “Connected, No Internet.” which would cause Anywhere to lose connectivity.

This issue can happen if your computer hibernates, or goes into fast boot sleep. The only way to fix it is to restart the program.

Got it! I never thought to look in that section of the desktop (and I do think it strange that one cannot logout from within the app window, though). I’m back in business - thanks so much for your help!


I very much agree with you, as I began searching along with you … until @billg pointed us in the right direction
You might want to jump over to Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread and post it there, as I doubt that you nor I will be the last to look for how to log in/out :kissing_heart:

It’s the right side of task bare where your time, WiFi, Volume, etc indications are. Click on the little down arrows heads to show hidden icons and settings…

Glad you found it.

One of the suggestions for app change is to add logout from app window. May arrive next year?


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