Anywhere made iMac sluggish, reinstall?

Not the original poster, but I came here for a similar reason. I’m using an older Imac and have had the Republic app installed since I first got notice of it. It worked very well and made my life simpler.

Four days ago, I started getting a very sluggish start up on the imac and a lot of problems after it would start up. I was in the process of backing up all my data when I realized that for the umpteenth time, a little banner was flashing quickly with the republic icon. I went into applications and deleted the app, and now the imac is working quite well. BUT I MISS THAT APP! Should I try loading it again? Was there some update that exceeded the abitility of my (older) imac?

Hi @scottb.qooqd1,

I’ve moved your question to its own topic, since the issue you describe has some very different variables than the issue in the topic where you originally posted.

This way the conversation won’t get so confusing as we possibly discuss different operating systems and troubleshooting steps.

Could you let the Community know what operating system is on your iMac? Is it also running Mojave?

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I’m running El Capitan 10.11.6 And thanks for catching this and moving. I don’t need help often!

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Hi @scottb.qooqd1,

I can’t think of any inherent reason Anywhere would cause an overall slowdown of your iMac. Anywhere, itself, is a lightweight app unlike Microsoft Word for example. Since it may always be removed again, I’d suggest restarting the iMac, reinstalling Anywhere and seeing what happens.

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I’ll try it. I really was trying to see if this was a common problem. I’ll check back and let you know how it worked out. Thanks!

I’m running Anywhere on two Macs, a Mac mini running High Sierra and a MacBook running Mojave. I’ve not personally experienced any sluggishness or other issues.

Nor, have there been substantial numbers of problems running Anywhere on Macs reported generally in the Community. For the most part, those that have been reported have been issues that cropped up after updating macOS.

I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Had a family issue. I re-installed Anywhere on my Imac, and again, trouble started. I finally unistalled for good and won’t try again until I get a new Imac. But thanks for all your help!

Hi @scottb.qooqd1,

I’m sorry to hear that. If you’re up for some troubleshooting on your current iMac, the place to start would be installing Anywhere into an alternate user account. More on that from Apple is linked here: How to test an issue in another user account on your Mac.

I understand if you don’t wish to but if you decide to try, knowing whether the issue remains when using an alternate account goes a long way to hunting down the problem.

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