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I want to copy text from Google Translate and paste it into an Anywhere text message to someone (who doesn’t speak my language). How do I Paste into Anywhere? Thanks!


On. Windows I believe the Cntr-v will still work
In most programs the following window short-cuts will work
Cntr-x = cut
Cntr-x = copy


I just pasted text into an Anywhere conversation. I highlighted the text, right-clicked, selected Copy, went to the Anywhere dialog field, right-clicked, selected Paste, and sent the message.


Great answers, thank you. How would you do this on your phone? I have a Moto X 1.


That all depends on what device you are running Anywhere on. They are quite diverse when it comes to copy and pasting. What kind of device are you using, we are all just guessing without details.

Windows - Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste
Android - press your finger on the text to copy and then highlight the words to copy and then press copy. Then to past press on the text entry field until the paste options shows.

Not sure on Mac or Linux but others can help there but we need your help to help you.


Ahhh…excellent answers all. Thank you drm186m, billg, and seanr. Great forum. I only wish I knew enough to help others as you have helped (and I’m sure will help in the future) me.


On a Mac, it’s ⌘ (Command) + C for copy and ⌘ (Command) + V for paste.


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