Anywhere messages on one device don't show on another


I am using a MotoG5 but also use Republic Anywhere on my Android Tablet, desktop computer and laptop. Both computers running Windows 10. I have MyChoice + 1Gb plan.

I like using Anywhere, but I find that when I write a message on my desktop, it doesn’t show on my Moto G5, and sometimes viceversa. It’s irritating to sometimes have a conversation on my phone with Anywhere but only one side of it will show up on my computer.

This has been a problem for several months.
Is there any solution for this?


Are you getting delayed messages or do they not show up at all?

There is an option to re-sync messages to the server
under Advanced settings (on the phone app)
or “reset local content” on your desktop app…so you can try that.

Also, make sure your Republic Anywhere apps are up to date.
If, none of that helps your situation…please submit a help ticket
from within the Anywhere desktop app…or you can use this link


In my experience doing either results in content older than 30 days being removed from the device in question. There’s not much to be done about that on the desktop apps but if there is older content on the phone, I’d suggest backing it up first.


The messages never show up. I can usually, but not always, see one side of
the conversation but not both. In addition, after a few days (I don’t shut
down every day), I get the message on the desktop, “No Connection.” So I
have to shut my computer off and restart it to be able to use it. I like
the app on my computer, but it is frustrating in this way.
Thanks for your response.

*Joel *

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Hi @joelp.2cb6xy,

I notice you’re using Anywhere on a lot of devices. (We call these “endpoints.”)

Moto G5
Android Tablet

I’m wondering if you remove the tablet and the laptop, and just try having Anywhere on the G5 and the desktop for a few days, see if things tend to sync normally. If so, then add back one of the two - either the tablet or the laptop, and test again for a few days. Then finally add back the last endpoint and see if messages begin to fail to sync again.

It would be interesting to see whether you could reliably reproduce the issue and narrow the problem down to the addition of one specific endpoint.


Thanks, but I think that I would rather remove or ignore the desktop, where
the app functions sporadically and just use it on the other devices. I like
to use it on my tablet and the laptop seems to function correctly. So I
suppose it’s a problem with the desktop computer. Don’t know what it is
since both it and the laptop are running Windows 10 with 8 Gb of RAM. I’ve
had more problems with Anywhere on my Dell Desktop than with any other

What I usually do is to shut it down completely and clean the cache, then
restart it (when I get the “no connection” message). Then it will function
for awhile but I still get one sided messages much of the time.

Thanks anyway,

*Joel *


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